The Day Before Keto

The Day Before Keto

April 14, 2019 0 By Stewart

In my last Post, I was testing some keto recipes to see if I would like them and to my surprise, I have found that I really enjoyed them and found that I was fuller for longer and I did not go looking food. So a win there.

After testing the recipes I went back to eating normally and found that I did not like the way I felt after I had eaten. This was especially the fact on Thursday evening. We where so busy during the day we had decided to get a Chinese from our local take away; we got our normal dishes and we found that we really did not enjoy it at all, too sweet to greasy and I made me feel sick for the rest of the night.

After this the way I felt on that day I said to myself that I would get fully onboard with the keto diet starting next week meaning the 15 April 2019. Now its Sunday the 14th and I have been doing some more research and recipes, These have gone well, but at the moment I have not perfected them to be able to share them with you.

I also want to track my progress on the Keto Diet so I have a points of reference so I have created the No Struggle Keto Body Measurements infographic. I will be posting these each week so you can see my progress.

This is also to keep me accountable to what I am doing and I will also be take pictures that I will attach so you can see the difference each month

My Starting body measurements before I start the Keto Diet

I have created this infographic that I am using to chart my week to week progress Starting at the top right side I have my Chest, Bicep, Waist and Thigh measurement that I took before I started the Keto Diet.

The Top Left is my body fat percent and my muscle mass and the change in weight from the last week as I have not started yet this is going to be 0 as there is nothing to compare it to.

At the bottom left, I am comparing Body Fat, Muscle Mass and bone Mass from the previous week.

On the Bottom Right, I have taken the measurement from my scales and provided you with the figures.